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Yaniv Hoffman, an Israeli IT and Cyber Security professional, has had a lifelong passion for computers since the 1980s. He began coding at just 13 and went on to earn a bachelor's degree in computer science, starting a successful career in the Israeli hi-tech industry.


His mission is clear: to empower others with cybersecurity knowledge. Yaniv firmly believes that anyone, with the right information and guidance, can make significant progress in the industry. He invites everyone to explore his website and YouTube channel, where he shares insights from years of hands-on experience and a genuine passion for cybersecurity. Join Yaniv on this journey towards a more secure digital future

'We are all told “Live your life to the fullest”; I am here to do just that.' Yaniv Hoffman's videos and blogs serve as a vessel to project his experience and passions and educated loyal viewers the world over.

In August 2021, Yanniv launched his Youtube channel with a goal to accumulate and disseminate technical expertise. His channel features videos on cyber security, IT, Business, and more. This platform serves as both a personal learning archive and a medium for sharing knowledge with the community.


The blog is a digital haven for all things cyber security, IT, and beyond. Join the journey of unravellign complex concepts, insights, and foster a community united by a quest for digital safety.


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